Joint Stock Company Severnaya Neftegazovaya Kompaniya  (AO Severneftegaz), was founded in October 2001, has more than ten years of experience in working on the shelf of the northern seas and, in accordance with Russian law, has the right, along with the state-owned PJSC Rosneft and PJSC Gazprom, to act as a subject of law to obtain licenses for geological exploration, exploration and production on the continental shelf and to carry out related work. The main subject of the Company's activity is geological exploration of subsoil areas for the purpose of prospecting and appraisal of hydrocarbon deposits on the shelf of the Barents Sea.

  License blocks location  

JSC Severneftegaz has 3 licenses for geological exploration of three sections of the Kola-Kaninskaya monocline on the shelf of the Barents Sea to the north of the Kola Peninsula for the purpose of prospecting and evaluating hydrocarbons. The licensed areas of AO Severneftegaz Kolsky-1,2,3 are located in the southeastern part of the Barents Sea, 30 km from the coast of the Kola Peninsula and 110 miles from the port of Murmansk. The total area of ​​the plots is 4,550 sq. Km. The sea depth is about 200 m. This water area is located in the non-freezing part of the sea. JSC Severneftegaz has been carrying out offshore operations at the Kolsky-1,2,3 sections since 2005. Over the past period, more than 10,500 linear kilometers have been processed. seismic profiles using 2D and 400 sq. km according to the 3D method. As a result of seismic studies in the license areas, 9 reef traps and 2 structural traps were identified. Geologically, the sites are confined to the Kola-Kaninskaya monocline. Target horizons - Permian age. The depth of the target horizons is about 2000 m.

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