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November 2008

In November the International Research and Practice Conference, namely, Oil and Gas of the Arctic Continental Shelf-2008, took place in Murmansk. Severneftegas OJSC personnel made a presentation titled “Comparative analysis of employment of various methods of resource appraisal of new prospective oil and gas fields by the example of the Kola-Kanin Monocline area of the Barents Sea”. 

September 2008

Geomodel-2008 anniversary conference took place in September. Severneftegas OJSC personnel made a presentation titled “Influence of field investigation parameters within marine seismic studies in the Barents Sea on the informational content of the results obtained for the purpose of completing geological tasks assigned”.


July 2008

The results of a quasi-3D processing of 2D seismic data were analyzed on 07/06/08. The results obtained allow it to identify more precisely the Upper Permian reefogenic structures within Kola 3 area. The data were delivered for interpretation. 

May 2008

At the Severneftegas OJSC office, the results of a quasi-3D processing of 2D seismic data obtained in 2005 and 2007 were analyzed on 15/05/2008. Several comments were made in respect of the obtained data; the parties have agreed to schedule the final data acceptance for July 2008. 

April 2008

01/04/08 Processing of Kola 2 retrospective 2D data obtained for an area of 944 running kilometers was completed. Interpretation of these data together with those obtained in 2007 commenced. 

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